Celebrate Exmoor’s honey harvest in Dunster, one of England’s prettiest villages, on Saturday 13th September 2014 Come and celebrate an event which impacts our lives today and is important for our future. Experience the art and beauty of honey making and bee keeping on Exmoor by joining in our day of live entertainment at Honeyfest 2014. Honeyfest takes place in and around Dunster’s historic 17th century Yarn Market, with more activities going on in the village gardens. Beekeepers help to sustain communities on Exmoor and support the special qualities of this amazing environment. They produce Exmoor Honey which is a delicious, nutritious and versatile food. Exmoor Honeyfest showcases local produce, offers ‘blind’ honey tastings, has special exhibitions on beehives and honey making and provides great activities for children
If you want to Sponsor Honeyfest please send us an email: bee@exmoorhoneyfest.co.uk
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